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Script Submission Policy and Release Form




"3DL" or "Company" - means 3D Media Limited.


"User" - means any person who visits the Website for any purpose.


"Website" - means

"Screenplay" or "Material" or "Submission" - means any material submitted using the form located at


Privacy Policy


The 3DL Privacy Policy is incorporated into and forms part of these Terms and Conditions and can be viewed by clicking on "Privacy Policy" on the Website homepage.


General Notes


User information provided through the Website will be processed by 3DL in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

3DL would like to thank the User for submitting a piece of scripted literary material (the Screenplay). We invite the User to review our submission policy and procedures below. Please be aware that 3DL will only accept and consider Material if the User agrees to the policies set forth and outlined below.


Full Copyright / Ownership of the Screenplay, Treatment, or Scripted Material


3DL will only accept Material submitted in electronic PDF form sent using the Contact Form located at By submitting Material via this form, the User is guaranteeing that they (and the User's co-writers / owners if applicable) are the sole originator(s) of the scripted Material and that the User has the legal right to submit it to 3DL for consideration.


Disclosure of Scripted Material is Not Confidential


You authorize 3DL to discuss your Screenplay with its employees and collaborators to evaluate its overall production potential. You furthermore acknowledge and understand that any consideration and discussion of your submission does not create a binding and confidential relationship.


Submission Without Compensation


Review of your Screenplay does not imply that 3DL agrees to compensate you in any way. However, should the Company choose to explore the use of your Screenplay or any portion thereof that is legally protectable, the Company will enter into negotiations with you to determine fair and equitable compensation.


Submission Without Prejudice


The Company’s consideration of the Screenplay or Material you submit, or negotiations to purchase said Material, does not waive our right to research and confirm / contest your copyrights, trademarks, and intellectual property rights.


Conception by the Company


The Company may already be exploring films and ideas generated by employees or other outside sources that resemble your Submission. In certain cases the Company may have considered your ideas in the past, or similar or identical ideas that may have been generated independently. Therefore, you agree to renounce any claim that the Company misappropriated any ideas or portions of your Submission in any future Company productions.


Qualification & Modification


You acknowledge that you are at least 18 years of age and hereby agree that above conditions may not be changed or waived except in writing and must be signed by an officer of the Company.


Law and Jurisdiction


These Terms and Conditions and the relationship between Users and 3DL shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of England and Wales and 3DL and all Users agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.

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